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May 3, 2011


Today will be the Day of Democrats and incumbents

by Deena Winter

It’s not that you shouldn’t vote. You should definitely vote.

It’s just that it’s pretty clear today will be the day of Democrats winning all over the city. My predictions:

• Incumbent Democrat Doug Emery will win handily in District 1 over newcomer Melissa Hilty, whose lack of yard signs in northeast Lincoln indicates a lack of either a) money or b) enthusiasm.
• Incumbent Republican Jon Camp will win — although not as easily as he would have, given fellow Republican and arena watchdog Jane Kinsey’s late write-in entry into the race, which will chip away at his lead over Democrat Bobbi Kosmicki. It could be a tense night for Camp.
• Incumbent Democrat Jonathan Cook will win District 3 by a wide margin over Republican Travis Nelson, who has been tarred and feathered by the state Democratic Party for having financial problems.
• No incumbents in District 4 — but Democrat Carl Eskridge should win quite easily over Chad Wright, whose late surge (and infusion of money) won’t be enough. Although Eskridge didn’t exactly bring new ideas to the table, he seems like a sensible man whose gentle temperment and conciliatory background will be welcome.
Mayor Chris Beutler will win in a landslide over newcomer Tammy Buffington — and this might be a good time for the Republicans to start recruiting a more viable candidate for the next mayoral election. Tammy is a nice person, but she’s in over her head.

Airport Authority
• Here’s how easy it is for an incumbent to get re-elected: Republican Richard Nuernberger, who served as county treasurer for 32 years, doesn’t even have a yard sign in front of his own house. I don’t know if he’s done a single thing to campaign. And yet, his name is so familiar to voters that they’ll elect him today.
• The Democrats have put so much time, effort and money behind 26-year-old newcomer and Democrat Anna Wishart that I expect she’ll defeat incumbent Republican Chris Hove. Wishart knows what Buffington doesn’t: You gotta start small and work your way up.

So there you have it! The new City Council most likely will have five Democrats and two Republicans. Jon Camp and Adam Hornung will be like gnats on Beutler’s backside… as he positions himself to run for governor in three years. Unless, of course, you voters had something else in mind…

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  1. Fletch
    May 3 2011

    Maybe poor Travis Nelson can borrow all of Buffington’s pennies to help with his financial issues.

  2. Kris
    May 3 2011

    Ms. Hilty is a very serious candidate who has major amounts of enthusiasm and has worked tirelessly on her campaign. Money is an issue for most candidates. No amount of money would have overcome the good will that Doug Emery has rightly earned in his outstanding service to District 1 and the entire city of Lincoln.

  3. johnnybish1
    May 3 2011

    Jane Kinsey’s write-in campaign will make Jon Camp sweat it out tonight? Really?!?! Is Kosmicki within 75 votes?

    • Fletch
      May 3 2011


  4. Roger C
    May 3 2011

    Jane Kinsey will get the votes of her two-dozen AreNO friends, but she’s not going to make a dent in Camp’s voting margin.

    • Fletch
      May 3 2011

      I hope someone remembers to bring the Chex mix to the potluck victory party.

  5. Nostradamus
    May 4 2011

    Deena you predicted the exact outcome of the primary for the general. What insight!


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