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May 9, 2011


Crime up 6 percent last year in Lincoln

by Deena Winter

Funny we didn’t hear anything about this during the mayoral campaign: Crime went up 6 percent last year in Lincoln, and rapes hit a 10-year high.

If mayors can take credit for crime dropping 20 percent in four years, do they also take credit for 6 percent rises in one year? Personally, I don’t think mayors make much of a dent in the crime rate no matter what — unless they’re Rudy Giuliani, that is. But they love to take credit when the crime rate goes down anyway. Not so much when it goes up.

I noticed the police chief didn’t release the crime report until May this year — when in recent years he normally releases it in January. Hmmm….. could politics be at play here?

I know for a fact that all kinds of potentially controversial ordinances and policy changes get put on the back burner until elections are over — it happened before the arena election and it happened in the past municipal election — to avoid making the administration look bad. But does this protocol extend to the police department?

I heard the police report on the city lawnmower accident was done before the election, but its release was delayed until after the election. Not sure why: it was inconclusive but did offer a peek at some of the problems plaguing the street maintenance division. I asked the police chief if that was true, but he hasn’t responded. I’ll let you know if he does.

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  1. porcupine
    May 9 2011

    Absolutely, if someone wants credit for some thing good then if things go wrong they should take credit for it too they go hand in hand. The spin goes on.

  2. Andrew
    May 16 2011

    The article from Omaha did say this –“Police officials say the numbers do not account for population. Census figures say Lincoln’s population has risen 14.5 percent since 2000.” So I wonder what the socio-economics of the increased population is?


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