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May 26, 2011


Americans for Prosperity calls on Suttle to wait on fire contract

by Deena Winter

Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska is calling on Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle to hold off on signing a new contract with Omaha firefighters until state legislation changing the system of setting public salaries goes into effect.

This week the Legislature passed the first overhaul of the Commission of Industrial Relations — which settles labor disputes — since 1969. But just days earlier, Suttle announced he’d reached an agreement with the firefighters’ union, meaning the contract wouldn’t be subject to the new rules that will govern setting public salaries once the legislation goes into effect later this summer.

In a press release, AFP said Suttle’s own communications director criticized the Commission of Industrial Relations when he said, “The Mayor has said, if we go to the CIR, we won’t like the results.”

AFP has launched a grassroots petition project to show Mayor Suttle there is widespread support to halt the fire union contract currently being negotiated and instead focus on ensuring meaningful CIR reform legislation passes.

“Time and again Mayor Suttle has been on record blaming the CIR for the city’s irresponsible union contracts,” said AFP-Nebraska State Director Mike Friend. “Mayor Suttle should use this opportunity to force the unions to bargain, and to deliver responsible union contracts for the taxpayers of Omaha. The question must be asked, why negotiate now without the benefit of CIR reform.”

The grassroots petition demanding Mayor Suttle halt the contract negotiations and instead focus on meaningful CIR reform is available at

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  1. Matthew Platte
    May 26 2011

    I believe the correct term for a Koch-funded organization is “astroturf” not grassroots.

  2. porcupine
    May 27 2011

    It is not the CIR’s fault, cities need to craft better and smarter contracts. One alternative is lay off and go to volunteers and to start billing insurance companies. It works at other places.

  3. Jeff Poley
    May 27 2011


    About the time we start letting a couple of nut-case Billionaires from Texas advise us how we run our local government is the time we should throw in the towel and commit ourselves.



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