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June 3, 2011


Firefighters arrived to LPS fire in just over three minutes

by Deena Winter

In all of the massive coverage of the Lincoln Public Schools fire, I couldn’t find any story that said how fast firefighters arrived on the scene of the fire that destroyed Lincoln’s school headquarters.

So I asked Interim Fire Chief John Huff about it. He responded today, saying,

According to our incident records, the incident was dispatched at 11:05:47. The first arriving unit was E9 which arrived at 11:08:59.

Lincoln Fire & Rescue’s goal is to arrive on the scene within four minutes 90 percent of the time, but last year at this time, the fire department was not consistently hitting that mark. They were only making it 63 percent of the time. Former Fire Chief Niles Ford said at the time that they were still analyzing the data and trying to figure out why response times had dropped significantly.

We really never heard much more about this — which is really a big deal if you think about it. It’s a good thing firefighters made it to the LPS fire within that target range.

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  1. paul mike grieger
    Jun 3 2011

    I do not understand how that building could be completely destroyed.
    great response time ,but did the fire detector not work, did the alarm system not work what about the sprinkler system did it not work.?

  2. Ellie
    Jun 3 2011

    Too bad the fire hose was too short. That is pretty disgusting when it is a one story structure. What would happen if a tall downtown building caught on fire.

  3. Roberta
    Jun 3 2011

    Good thing they got there fast, otherwise???? Why did they try to put it out with fire extinguishers (according to Huff on the colby show)

  4. Jane H Kinsey
    Jun 3 2011

    Can you believe this since it is not an objective report? Especially when the fire hose was too short and there is not alarm system.

  5. Roger C
    Jun 3 2011

    This must be rocket-scientist’s day on Winterized. I could go through and correct all 4 of these first posts, but what’s the point? If one can’t read, pay attention, or comprehend, it would be a total waste of time.

    • troll
      Jun 5 2011

      Who made you the grammer queen, anyway? I don’t understand people like you that think everyone should use perfect grammer at all times. Maybe you’re a teacher that feels guilty after 30 years of teaching and realize you didn’t teach very well.

      • Roger C
        Jun 6 2011

        I didn’t say anything about grammar, troll. When I state “If one can’t read, pay attention, or comprehend, it would be a total waste of time”, I’m inferring actual content, all of which is incorrect. I guess I’ll have to spell it out for you in the future.

      • troll
        Jun 6 2011

        I guess your post is about like the others. Then keep on focus and please don’t speak your mind or feelings. Remember that everyone has questions and, of course, opinions. Thanks.

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