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June 7, 2011


Lakefront property for sale

by Deena Winter

A Wendy’s and hotel near the intersection of Nebraska state highway 2 and Interstate 29 were both closed when I drove by them Monday — with dirt dikes nearly obscuring them, to protect them from Missouri River water expected to continue to invade foreign territory. More water is on the way from my home state of North Dakota, where the U.S. Corps of Engineers opened the spillway on the massive Garrison Dam for the first time in its 57-year history. Lake Sakakawea is brimming with water, and they did it to ensure the dam doesn’t burst, which would, in the words of a dam official, “divide the country” and destroy railroads and interstate.” The sign on the hotel marquee said, “Lakefront property for sale.”


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  1. porcupine
    Jun 8 2011

    Good Reporting thanks for letting us all know. Could the Arena every be at risk of flooding, or train derailment of toxic material with a cloud of toxic fumes? You know what they say LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION..
    Is the city of Lincoln in a position to help others if needed??


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