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July 5, 2011


Antelope Valley has seen high water too

by Deena Winter

Have you walked or biked through the $240 million Antelope Valley Project lately? If you have, you probably saw signs that water running through the channel has been pretty high lately.

As I rode bike under one of the bridges recently, I was surprised to see seaweed and other vegetation wrapped around the railing along the side of the path — indicating the water had been so high it was covering the bike path and then some. As you ride farther north, you can also see how high the water has been in the channel from the flattened vegetation.

I asked Antelope Valley project coordinator Kris Humphrey how high the water has been during this stormy summer, and she said from what she could ascertain, the Antelope Valley has handled a 10-year rain event — which is a storm that has a 10 percent chance of happening annually. Not that big of a storm, really, considering the project was designed to handle 100-year flooding, I believe.

The channel must get pretty full for a 100-year or 500-year flood.

Vegetation got caught up on a railing in the Antelope Valley Project, showing how high the water has gotten in recent stormy weeks.

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  1. Mary Schwab
    Jul 5 2011

    Please notice the silva cells, special planting beds for large trees, that are on the west side of Antelope valley(east side of 21st Street, first block north of O Street. Your former City Forester, Steve Schwab, discovered these modern marvels, wrote the grants which provided the funds for the improvement to Antelope Valley’s successful shade tree plantings, and as they are being installed I believe there should be a story about them.
    Thank you
    Mary Schwab
    Save Lincoln’s Trees

  2. Gene
    Jul 8 2011

    Is that the tunnel under J Street? All of that stuff was either cleaned up, fell off or was eaten by the ducks shortly after you posted this. The ducks have been very happy there this spring and summer.

  3. Jul 8 2011

    The levels were higher in the big summer flood year of the mid 1990s (1996?). I remember the bike tunnel under 27th street being closed by high water.


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