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July 7, 2011


Vote for your favorite political blog (that’d be mine)

by Deena Winter

Or not. Whatever you want.
But we’ve got to beat Kyle Michaelis over there across town, that’s all I care…
You vote by commenting on this Washington Post story.

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  1. Buzz Murphy
    Jul 7 2011

    Buzz & I both vote for Deena Winter’s blog — JoAnn Murphy

    • Jul 8 2011

      If you want to vote for me, you gotta click on that link in the story, which takes you to a Washington Post story about their blog contest, and you vote by leaving a comment there. Thanks, Buzz and JoAnn!

  2. TJBailey
    Jul 7 2011

    Keep up the good work, Deeana!!

  3. Brad
    Jul 8 2011

    Brad votes for Deena.

  4. Roberta
    Jul 8 2011

    you got my vote

  5. Jason Christenson
    Jul 8 2011

    Who’s Kyle Michaelis?

    • Jul 8 2011

      He’s a Lincoln blogger whose blog is called the New Nebraska Network — I’m just ribbing him.

  6. Jane Kinsey
    Jul 8 2011

    “You’re keeping them honest!”

  7. Jul 9 2011

    Go Deena!


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