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July 19, 2011


Fire station has few calls, but no rent, either

by Deena Winter

Have you been following the uproar over the mayor’s proposal to close down the fire station in Air Park, near the airport?

The city has tried to move station No. 11 since at least 2002, when Lincoln voters rejected a bond issue that would have relocated the station, which is now housed in an airport operations building owned by the Lincoln Airport Authority.

You may remember when in 2006 I wrote about a scurrilous attempt by someone in Mayor Coleen Seng’s administration to pull a fast one and get a new station built by claiming — falsely — that the Airport Authority was kicking the fire station out. They weren’t; the council changed it’s mind and wasn’t too happy about being misled.

Now, the issue is back on the front burner. It’s true, the station doesn’t see much action — averaging one call per day (even less back in 2006) — so workers there do a lot of other things. But it would also cost at least a million bucks to build a new station. And you’ve got to assume population is only going to grow in northwest Lincoln, isn’t it?

Interesting debate.

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  1. paul mike grieger
    Jul 19 2011

    has comrade high commissioneer Mr. Tom Cassady, director of public safety made a statement regarding the safety of those comrades in northwest Lincoln?

    p.s. i read in the world herald that our Lincoln crime rate is up.
    @ re-election time… crime was down 14%…

    I would not trust this group to tell what time it is, without checking my own three watches !!!

    • Jul 19 2011

      Yes that is true, Mike… you musta missed this blog post about it:
      I found it interesting that Casady didn’t release his crime data until months later than normal, and then (surprise!) it showed an increase in crime last year. Especially given that the mayor was campaigning on how crime has gone down “since his election.”

  2. Boyd Ready
    Jul 19 2011

    I find it interesting that the mayor provides a $600,000.00 subsidy in the budget to support an entertainment venue (Pershing Auditorium) while sacrificing northwest Lincoln’s fire and medical response.

  3. Buzz Murphy
    Jul 19 2011

    The problem with the fire station is it’s location. If it was located near the new basketball arena or the University of Nebraska, and only averaged one call per day, it would not be on the mayor’s chopping block.

  4. Roger
    Jul 20 2011

    One call/day does not support keeping this station going on the backs of the taxpayers. I support closing it down.


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