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July 29, 2011


Traveling east? Be ready for detours

by Deena Winter

I drove to South Dakota yesterday and was wholly unprepared for the fact that Interstate 680 and Interstate 29 were both detoured — meaning I got to drive through Omaha and on a 26-mile journey east of Omaha before doubling back to get back on track.

Yes, I know the Might Mo is flooding all over the Midwest — but you have to drive it to realize how many roads and bridges are under and impassable. It is incredible.

Here’s an example of what the intersection of I-29 and Highway 2 looked like a month ago, and the last week of July:

The Wendy's and a hotel near the intersection of highway 2 and Interstate 29 in early June.

The same intersection today.

The same intersection this week. (Photo courtesy Daniel Thompson.)

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  1. jim
    Jul 30 2011

    Thanks for reporting. Do you have any more photo’s?

  2. ej
    Aug 1 2011

    A couple of much shorter options:

    Option 1: Take I-680 -> Blair High Road (not sure if Hwy 75 is open to Blair) -> Blair -> Hwy 30 east to Missouri Valley -> I-29 north. Talked to someone Saturday who told me this route is open.

    Option 2: Hwy 77 north -> South Sioux City -> I-29

  3. jim
    Aug 1 2011

    When is the second wave of the tsunami going to hit does anyone know??


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