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August 15, 2011


What Facebook tells us about the woman arrested for LPS arson

by Deena Winter

It’s a weird new media world, and these days, when someone is arrested for a heinous or wacky crime, one of the first places reporters go to try to get some insight into their psyche is… Facebook.

And so with that in mind, what does Sharon Brewster’s Facebook page tell us about her? (Brewster, 44, was arrested today, charged with setting the fire that destroyed Lincoln Public School’s headquarters in May, causing $20 million in damage and innumerable headaches for school officials.)

• She likes to listen to R.E.M. and U2 (so do I).

• One of her favorite books is To Kill a Mockingbird (me, too).

• Her favorite movies include the Dead Poets Society, Young Frankenstein and the Sound of Music.

• She posted an inspirational video of a father who pushed, pulled and dragged his son through a triathlon, set to the Christian song, “My Redeemer Lives.”

• Among her favorite pages are First-Plymouth Church and

According to a statement put out by the city, fire inspectors determined that the fire originated on a desk top in a cubicle.

“Written statements provided early in the investigation led to Sharon Brewster as a suspect,” the statement said. “Sharon was employed with Lincoln Public Schools and had been in the building to drop off records just prior to the fire.”

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  1. Tabloid Blogger
    Aug 17 2011

    Did you find anything about her when you dug through her trash Deena? Stay classy.

  2. jim
    Aug 17 2011

    Keep up the great reporting Deena


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