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August 24, 2011


Construction of the arena to begin Sept. 15

by Deena Winter

I’ve been trying for awhile to determine whether the arena project is on time or not — after a construction bidder pointed out to me that bidding documents made it appear the project is three or four months behind schedule.

However, project coordinator Dan Marvin insisted to me that the project is on schedule. And the mayor certainly has repeatedly said the project is on schedule. So I’ve been taking them at their word. And I’ve been keeping my eye on one major milestone coming: The date they said they would actually begin construction of the arena itself.

That date was set for Sept. 16, 2011. And guess what? Looks like they’re on target for that, because a true groundbreaking for the arena is scheduled for Sept. 15 (weather permitting). Now, I’m not naive enough to thinks reporters can’t be easily snowed, and we’ll all know for sure when September 2013 rolls around whether this baby is coming in on time. (Or should I say coming out?)

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  1. Joanne Shaw
    Aug 24 2011

    Deena, I am so disgusted with this Arena project, tear down trees in the downtown area, people that are employed by the City have lost their jobs and finally our infrastructure is in bad shape, the roads, the street lights, the electric system and yet we can build this very costly arena when all of these things need to be addressed. Also there are many people in this city that are unemployed, homeless and hungry. Indeed what are our priorities????

    • ej
      Aug 24 2011

      Comparing apples to oranges.

      Arena funding is completely separate from infrastructure. City employees needed to be cut or our 10% property tax increase would have been even greater. Yes, there are people in this city who are unemployed, but guess what? Arena construction is putting several thousand people to work. Tear down trees? Maybe a few to make way for streets and better traffic flow, but I’ll bet they will be more than replaced around the arena and parking areas. How many trees were there in the railyard before the arena?

      Priorities? I believe the city tried to pass a bond issue several years ago to catch up on street repair. It failed. The arena issue passed. You may not like it much, but those seem to be Lincoln’s priorities.

  2. Roberta
    Aug 24 2011

    The arena is top priority.

  3. Buzz
    Aug 24 2011

    C.S. Arena funding is separate from infrastructure when it is convenient. If in your opinion, the arena is such a good investment, then why did’t you and the “younger people” pool your money and finance the arena, then us retirees,(who won’t use the facility), wouldn’t have to pay for it, and you investors could enjoy all the profits. If you can afford to drive all over to attend different outings and concerts, you are undoubtedly in the higher income group. I have a good idea, maybe you should consider building a house next to the arena. I’m sure Mr. Buffet would be happy to sell you some property; however, you may have to move at your expense some railroad tracks and bring in some dirt to compact the soil, plus you will need to haul away the contaminated soil. The arena was a good idea except it should have been built by private enterprise and in a different location.

  4. Jane H Kinsey
    Aug 24 2011

    The Watchdogs learned from construction people that the “dirt fill” should sit for a year in order to be compact enough to build on it. Dan Mavin and Company are in such a hurry to
    complete the project by 9-13 that they are only allowing l month. Will the Arena become a
    leaning tower of PIZA (Lincoln)?

    • jim
      Aug 24 2011

      It should sit longer then a mouth. The only one making money off this is the RR. or some developers.

    • ej
      Aug 24 2011

      And who exactly are these “construction people” who claim to know more about the situation/site than the contractors who actually have access to the site?

      Anonymous claims and conspiracy theories only hurt the Watchdogs’ credibility.

  5. Buzz
    Aug 25 2011

    EJ: It’s probably the same contractors that built Antelope Valley. The bridges lasted almost three months.


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