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August 25, 2011

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  1. paul mike grieger
    Aug 25 2011

    The atty general’s office has told me they do not have time to enforce the law against thoses who chose not to registrar business names and not pay nebraska registration fees.

    the sec of state has the job of registraring “Names”.

    So, the good news…our atty general is in legal compliance.

    Former elected office holders did not always disclose their money interest.

    they merely sent “bag men” around in bullet proof pachards to pick up the brown paper bags.

  2. Debby
    Aug 25 2011

    More power to you Jon! Keep it up. You have every right to make money.

  3. Old Joe
    Aug 25 2011

    If that’s not enough; Bruning was making obscene profits while on our dime AND increasing his office budget by 81%, a rate even greater than the fools in Washington! And he calls himself “conservative”?

  4. Jane H Kinsey
    Aug 25 2011

    No surprises here. What elected official does not get rich after being elected? The contacts
    they make are very phenomenal for increasing their bank accounts. The truth is elected officials should PAY the public for the honor of filling these positions, not the other way
    around. Fat chance that the U.S. has statesmen in their midst.

  5. jim
    Aug 25 2011


    • jim
      Aug 26 2011

      This is GREAT stuff Deena. Thank you for taking the time to let us peasants know..

  6. Dan Bretta
    Aug 25 2011

    Oh, the favors he’ll be owing when/if he gets to DC.

  7. jim
    Aug 27 2011

    Would be interesting to see how much Mayor Beutuler and Dan Marin’s portfolio has incressed with the expansion of the antelope valley and the UNL Husker Arena project ( This includes inovation park). These are just couple of the few I would like to see.


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