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Spending Homeland Security money to protect Nebraska lakes and cows

Why did Lake McConaughy get a $42,000 federal terrorism-fighting grant? And why did Cherry County get thousands of dollars in federal Homeland Security dollars to protect cows?

Find out by reading this interesting story in the Los Angeles Times, called Is Homeland Security spending paying off?.


Bruning and Nelnet sittin’ in a tree… c-o-n-f-l-i-c-t?

The Omaha World-Herald has a heckuva story today on Attorney General Jon Bruning’s cozy relationship with Nelnet — so cozy that he and two Nelnet executives bought a $675,000 lake “cabin” near Ashland together in 2008.

The story is incredible.

Where’s the Journal Star on this and other Bruning bombshells this week?

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