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August 28, 2011


Bruning and Nelnet sittin’ in a tree… c-o-n-f-l-i-c-t?

by Deena Winter

The Omaha World-Herald has a heckuva story today on Attorney General Jon Bruning’s cozy relationship with Nelnet — so cozy that he and two Nelnet executives bought a $675,000 lake “cabin” near Ashland together in 2008.

The story is incredible.

Where’s the Journal Star on this and other Bruning bombshells this week?

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  1. Brian T. Osborn
    Aug 28 2011

    This guy needs to be reported to the Nebraska State Attorney General … oh … wait ….

  2. Mike
    Aug 28 2011

    This isn’t so incredible. It’s the start of Nelson’s campaign against his strongest opponent. This is simply the strategy of putting Bruning’s relationships, both personal and business, in question without any real issue.

    It would be actually incredible that you find someone who has the skills and abilities to be a Nebraska U.S. Senator that hasn’t invested in successful business opportunities in Nebraska. It would be more incredible to find some mythical ‘hermit’ that isn’t friends with business owners in a state that is as small as Nebraska.

    I don’t see a ‘cozy’ relationship with Nelnet, with some evil intent. I just see some fellow Nebraskans. The only reason to demonize that would be you’re looking for a reason to get elected… which is the case for both Ben Nelson and Don Stenberg.

    • Brian T. Osborn
      Aug 28 2011

      Well. Thank you very much for your input … Jon.

      • Mike
        Aug 29 2011

        Brian, I’m a person that looks at the field and sees Jon Bruning as the best candidate. I’ll be voting for Jon Bruning in the next election. My intentions are clear and out in the open, I do like the idea of Bruning becoming our Senator. Primarily, I’m very unhappy with Ben Nelson. Ben let us down, he needs to be replaced.

        Let’s go onto your intentions, Brian. After doing a quick search, you are obviously a committed Nebraska Democrat who would prefer to keep Ben Nelson as our Senator. It’s good that you are involved, discussion is great.

        The fact that we support someone, doesn’t hurt or harm our opinions. So I will continue to look at Nebraska through a conservative view point and comment based on that. You will continue to look at Nebraska through a liberal progressive view point and also comment based on that.

        Have a good day, Brian.


      • Brian T. Osborn
        Aug 29 2011

        Well, Jon, excuse me, … Mike …, you didn’t do your homework very well. Although I am still a (disgruntled) Democrat, you could hardly say that I was a fan of Sen. Nelson. In fact, most of my problems with the NDP arise from the way he has dominated the party apparatus to be nothing but an extension of his campaign committee. That, and the fact that ever since he became the NDP’s “leader” (according to some) it is apparent that no possible candidates for any other office in this state gets the support of the NDP without kissing his ring and swearing an oath of fealty to him.
        Despite all that, I would still have to say that, given a choice between Ben Nelson and Jon Bruning, I would choose Ben Nelson. But, being the purist that I am, I have never voted for Ben Nelson, nor will I ever.
        Jon Bruning is just the latest edition of arrogant, self-serving politicians that leap-frog from one elected position to another to increase their own fame and fortune. To be honest, right now I’m leaning toward supporting Deb Fischer.

  3. jim
    Aug 28 2011

    WOW, that is stinky.

  4. Dan Bretta
    Aug 28 2011

    Don’t worry folks..he’s only got OUR interests at heart. You can guarantee that.

  5. me
    Aug 28 2011

    Darn liberal press.

  6. AB
    Aug 29 2011

    Candidates are like beetles in a bucket, and corporations, unions, and wealthy donors are raccoons, just picking them up and masticating them until they are soft and pliable and will do what they want.

  7. Jane H Kinsey
    Aug 29 2011

    Thanks for this ongoing information about Bruning. I was going to vote for him but not now.
    I won’t vote for Nelson either. He is as rich or richer than Bruning and cost the State money for the B oyd County debacle and reputation for his health insurance idea. Maybe I will vote for my won’t dog. She can’t be rich or swayed.

  8. Little Guy
    Sep 2 2011

    It appears that the Nelnet “Code of Conduct” ( was just a shame, lip service or doesn’t apply to executive leadership.

    “Leading by Example”, give me a break! It’s sad that the President and CFO didn’t think about what the perception of this would be. (Page 6 Q&A).


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