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August 31, 2011


Governor declines to defend Bruning

by Deena Winter

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A Nebraska Watchdog reporter asked Gov. Dave Heineman what he thought of the whole Jon Bruning brouhaha — and Heineman was surprisingly silent about whether he thinks Bruning is being unfairly maligned.

You know, the brouhaha about how our attorney general somehow has gone from selling off cars and commuting with his wife in an old car to becoming a public servant who now, about 15 years later, reports between $13 million and $61 million in assets on a form required for U.S. Senate candidates. And the one where Bruning decided it was OK to buy a $675,000 “cabin” with two Nelnet executives just a year after getting into hot water for trying to waive a $1 million settlement with Nelnet — whose execs just so happened to have made tidy contributions to his campaign.

The Watchdog reporter asked Heineman whether Bruning has “been on the up and up” — and you might expect Bruning’s fellow Republican to vouch for him, but he did not. Instead, he said, “That’s for the voters ultimately to decide. That’s what primaries are all about. I think there’s going to be a healthy discussion and there should be.”


Now I know Bruning endorsed Tom Osborne for governor rather than Heineman, but still.

This story just isn’t going away quietly, is it? Today, the Lincoln Journal Star — which has gotten slaughtered by the Omaha World-Herald on this story — did some cleanup by interviewing Bruning about the whole thing. Interestingly, Bruning’s take was that his wealth has been exaggerated and his net worth is probably closer to $3 million to $4 million.

Financial disclosure forms he filled out list his assets as between $13 million and $61 million — but he also listed $7 million to $35 million in liabilities.

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  1. CS
    Aug 31 2011

    Ouch. Things are a little cold in the Capitol today, huh?


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