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September 1, 2011


And now it’s Ben’s turn to be bashed

by Deena Winter

Apparently tiring of all the negative press swirling around one of their top candidates for the U.S. Senate, the Nebraska Republican Party put out this video today (only online, for now):

Obviously they think they can ride the Cornhusker Kickback issue all the way to Congress. Do you think they’re right?

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  1. Commenter
    Sep 1 2011

    What is the intention of this post? Do you agree with this ad that he has accepted bribes? That is a serious charge … or, on the other hand, it’s just a word thrown around by Fox News and other far-right pols (the ad really didn’t have to put an “R” after any of their names, did it?).

    I’m not a big fan of Ben Nelson, but this doesn’t have any substance. Do you have something to say about Nelson or are you just trying to be “fair and balanced”?

  2. T4acres
    Sep 1 2011

    That’s all they’ve got? HCR is only one issue. If you favor or oppose it, it’s still just one issue. Faced with a choice of one of the awkward panel of contestants from the GOP, or disagreement with Sen. Nelson on one issue when he has otherwise by most accounts served the state admirably in Washington, it doesn’t seem like too tough of a decision. Ben should win easily. Whether he actually does or not, is another matter entirely in this reddest of all red states.

  3. Matthew Platte
    Sep 1 2011

    Heh. Lindsey Graham talkin’ ’bout ethics.

  4. Sep 1 2011


    Usually you live up to your reputation of being an excellent journalist and reporter. I don’t think the information you brought to us about Jon Bruning – as did the Omaha World Herald and Lincoln Journal Star – was bashing!! Usually you ground things and provide evidence. As your blog gets a reputation and personality you should be careful about your “spin”. Are you a serious person? That’s what we’ve taken you for.

    If this negative add plays well in Nebraska many of us will be deeply disappointed. Jeff and I don’t always agree with Senator Nelson nor he with us – but he certainly doesn’t deserve this “dirty” message. This isn’t up to your standards (the tag line intimated you were doing equal time bashing) But thanks for letting us know this is out there.

    Jan and Jeff Poley

  5. deb
    Sep 1 2011

    Rush Limbaugh – really????? I may not agree w/Ben on a lot of stuff, but at least he doesn’t tow the party line, either Dem or Rep….and yes, Rush, I do have a long memory….I don’t buy into trite soundbites…..gag!!!

  6. Gene
    Sep 2 2011

    As an aside, what’s going to happen at the state GOP level if Nelson gets reelected?

  7. ej
    Sep 2 2011

    Ben doesn’t tow the party line? Maybe not always, but he sure did when it mattered. And he drug us all through the Cornhusker Kickback mud hole in the process.

  8. AB
    Sep 5 2011

    All partisan ads make partisan points. It is partisan and parcel of what they are. It is a targeted ad designed to inflame the members of the party, and perhaps influence the few non-aligned voters away from Ben by suggesting that if they don’t like the idea of controlling healthcare costs in some manner that they should vote for a candidate that is Republican. There is no lying in this ad because it just has clips of opinions, and that is all it is trying to do, influence opinion. To that end, I wonder how many undecided voters – in terms of party – there are in this rectangular state.


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