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Heads rolling at city hall?

I’m getting reports that the mayor is shaking up city hall — specifically, he’s shaking up two departments that could involve the departures of a couple of department heads and an administrator.

My sources are telling me two department heads and an administrator were notified today they will be let go. I spoke to one of the people in question, and he would not confirm or deny that, but said an announcement will be made on Tuesday.

“There’s some changes coming,” he said.

He said rumors might be taking on a life of their own, but also said, “Things happen for a reason.”

I’m wondering if this isn’t related to some comments Mayor Chris Beutler made at Thursday’s arena Joint Public Agency meeting. The arena board was pressed by a constituent about what kind of protections against shoddy workmanship the city will have on the $340 million arena project – given some problems that have occurred on the $260 million Antelope Valley Project. Jane Kinsey of the Lincoln Watchdogs noted the public still hasn’t been told who’s to blame for problems with the Antelope Valley bridges.

“There will be an announcement about that shortly,” Beutler said. “They’ll know soon. We’re trying to learn some lessons.”

As I get more information, I’ll publish it. If you have information about what’s going on, drop me an email at

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