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September 20, 2011


Food truck shut down over outdated ordinance

by Deena Winter

The Daily Nebraskan documents the demise of “Lincoln’s first food truck” (?) being shut down for violating a possibly outdated city code.

Read it and weep here.

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  1. Roger Yant
    Sep 21 2011

    Here we go with city hall again, they will do their best to destroy anything that is positive. Come-on city. Change the rule. But do make sure all meet health standards. Government really sucks in so many ways. Let them operate and serve the people who want them. Until we have someone in city hall who is a business owner we are going to have many problems for the small guy. Change the regulation to two hours guys, how hard would that be? I do believe that John Camp is the only business owner on the council or mayors office.

    • ej
      Sep 21 2011

      Geez, Roger, the council hasn’t even had an opportunity to act since this came out. How can you claim that they’re doing their best to “destroy anything that is positive?” I know city govt’s track record isn’t exactly business friendly, but at least give the council a chance to meet.

  2. Jane H Kinsey
    Sep 21 2011

    I hope they don’t pay the fine without protesting to either the County Attorney or City Council.
    Police just write tickets like mad and really don’t investigate the which might have mitigating circumstances. Then they can petition for a change.


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