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September 20, 2011


New digs downtown

by Deena Winter

I went downtown for lunch last week, and apparently I’ve been away for far too long, because it seemed like new stores had popped up all over the place.

And this is the best part: They weren’t all bars and restaurants!

I first noticed a new clothing store called Pacific and Maine near 14th and O streets — which carries a good selection of Husker wear but also normal clothing that probably targets the college set. As per usual with these kinds of shops, I wanted to buy the beat-up, vintage furniture instead of the clothes — but alas, it wasn’t for sale.

Then while I was stopping by my favorite downtown shop, Stella (which sells unusual clothing and vintage decor), the worker told me to check out a new store around the corner on P Street, Embellish, which has been open about a month.

I liked this store as soon as I saw the string of flashcards hanging in the window. Real, vintage flashcards (school starting, get it?). They carry clothes, some cooking utensils and jewelry in a very nicely appointed place. There’s also a shoe store called Duo at 13th and O that also sells handbags and jewelry, and I’m told Nothing Else next to the Rococo sells mens, womens footwear, handbags and accessories.

What I like about all of these shops is that they are a) not a bar or restaurant — we have enough of those and b) they are not your typical store. Check ’em out.

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  1. Roger Yant
    Sep 20 2011

    Sounds fantastic, now everyone get down and check them out! Welcome them to Lincoln!

  2. Sep 21 2011

    We are glad to have Embellish and Pacific & Maine downtown! They are great new retailers to go along with Duo Shoes, Nothing Else, Tsuru, Post & Nickel, Stella, Sassafrass, Aorta, Robot Luv, Footloose & Fancy, Lincoln Running Company etc… A great place for unique and independent retail.

    • Sep 21 2011

      I haven’t seen Sassafrass or Aorta or Nothing Else so I’ll have to check them out!

  3. Robin
    Sep 22 2011

    We’ll announce on Grow Lincoln. Want us to give your name?

  4. Robin
    Sep 23 2011

    We’ll mention these new retail store on our Grow Lincoln show, Deena.


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