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September 23, 2011


Governor got the HHS report after all

by Deena Winter

Gov. Dave Heineman

The Omaha World-Herald is reporting today that Gov. Dave Heineman’s office indeed did get a copy of the scathing audit of his child welfare reform initiative — contrary to complaints he made that the state auditor didn’t give it to him before the media.

The World-Herald clearly got the story from state Democrats, who filed an open records request to follow the email trail to see whether Heineman’s complaints were legitimate. Those emails show the head of Nebraska Health and Human Services forwarded the draft report to the governor’s office on July 26. The audit was released to the public on Sept. 7.


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  1. JoAnn
    Sep 23 2011

    WOW1 Here we go again. What has happened to the idea that people in jobs of “high status & authority” should set an example — a good example? It appears that it is perfectly OK to attack & lie if it’s over an issue that points the finger at poor management. In this example, the governor is attacking the investigator’s, Mike Foley’s, report & the HHS head, rather than digging into the real problem. If one follows this logic, a thief should attack the credibility of the business owner who finds him with his hand in the cash register, stealing money, rather than looking at himself as responsible for his own actions & decisions. What’s wrong with this picture? .Such findings only continue to add to the perception that many of our public officials cannot be trusted. What a sorry state of affairs!

  2. sue
    Sep 23 2011

    Looks like it’s not just our city government but our state government also. These elected officials lie and cover up, instead of fixing and holding people accountable! Beutler,Bruning, and now Heineman. I thought everyone from a young age was taught at home and in school, work hard, don’t lie, and treat people with respect and you will prosper! Wait until the arena is finished! Hang on!

  3. Jane H Kinsey
    Sep 24 2011

    Ditto, to Sue’s comment. One could get very cynical about U.S. politics at every level. If we all
    get together and rise up against this behavior starting at the local level, we can change it.
    Get in touch with the We need your help!

  4. porcupine
    Sep 24 2011

    NO ACCOUNTABLE in government lies cover ups smoke and mirrors. Nepotism cronism loyalty begets loyalty dime droppers gets promotions. Some of us know you lie and I ‘ll swear to it thy work like gangs.


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