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September 30, 2011


Pipeline supporters polling Nebraskans

by Deena Winter

Got a call last night from a pollster wanting my opinion on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline.

After a short description of all the great things the pipeline would do for our little ol’ state — like generate $150 million in property taxes and untold jobs — the computer-woman asked whether I:

• Support building the pipeline
• Do not support building the pipeline
• Am undecided

It should be noted, building the pipeline in a different location was not an option.

The poll was paid for by Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy Independence, which apparently is located in Boys Town.

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  1. April Stevenson
    Sep 30 2011

    wonder what the Gov would say?

  2. Brian T. Osborn
    Sep 30 2011

    Nebraska’s farmers are neck deep in corn and soybean harvest right now. I wonder if the Dept. of State even took that into consideration when they scheduled their two meetings this past week. And, since the majority of farmers whose livelihoods would be affected by the pipeline live a long drive away from Lincoln or Atkinson, you’d think they could have scheduled one of the meetings in, oh, Kearney or Grand Island.
    So, as a result, we get theatrical political activists on one side of the fence and foreign corporate shills, on the other, putting on a circus for the DoS.

  3. Sep 30 2011

    We need to really get this clear and transparent. Thanks, Deana. This is now clear. The Governor and legislature can’t blame each other. They should together rush to make sure that we have a special session to pass the bill to give the Public Service Commission the power to above the route. Almost no one in Lincoln knows that we already have a pipeline in Nebraska by this group – all they need to do is run this pipeline right next to what we already have. Why is no one saying this. Multiple reasons to do this. Only reason not to? It will cost more but that is the only ethical outcome for Nebraska. My question – why hasn’t this shown up in the paper, on TV, in blogs, in pro and con arguments. Also we need to now that the company paid for the State Department EIS…….come on folks – let’s do this right. There is no place like Nebraska!


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