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October 10, 2011


Ex-Big 12 commissioner says Perlman fought revenue-sharing

by Deena Winter

Former Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe tells that a guy named Harvey Perlman fought hard against Beebe’s proposal two years ago to equally share revenue from TV rights.

UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman

He says the Cornhuskers stood in the way of a revenue-sharing proposal that has been adopted since Beebe’s ouster.

“It could have kept all 12 together,” Beebe said Saturday, nearly three weeks after his contract was bought out by the Big 12 board of directors on Sept. 22. “I proposed it two years ago when Nebraska and Colorado were in the league as we prepared for our television negotiations we did last spring.”

Beebe said none of the Big 12’s recent defections had to occur.

“I asked for them to consider it,” Beebe said of the revenue-sharing pact. “Nebraska was one of the biggest objectors of equal revenue rights, and their president Harvey Perlman said that. We could have done this two years ago and none of this would have happened.”

Read the story here.

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  1. Jane H Kinsey
    Oct 10 2011

    Corruption? Perlman is the worst person to have happened to UNL. We Lincolnites are all going to pay for his ideas.

  2. CS
    Oct 10 2011

    If Ne is against revenue sharing as Beebe says, why did Ne leave to go to a conference with equal revenue sharing?

  3. Oct 11 2011

    Is this sour grapes from Beebe looking to blame Perlman & NU for leading to his own fall? Can you find independent verification, Deena?


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