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Osborne “about the most popular person in American history to lose an election”

In the miscellaneous section of the recent voluminous poll done by Public Policy Polling were some interesting nuggets about the unprecedented popularity of one Tom Osborne, with Bo Pelini following close behind.

Nebraska AD Tom Osborne

The pollsters found “an amazing” 86 percent of Nebraskans have a favorable opinion of Osborne —

“He has to be just about the most popular person in American History to lose an election,” the pollster said.

The pollster was also amazed that 70 percent of Nebraskans polled had a favorable view of Nebraska Coach Pelini.

“It’s rare when we poll a state to find a college football coach that 70 percent of voters have ever even heard of, much less have a positive opinion of,” the pollster wrote. “If there’s a state in the country that embraces a college football program more than Nebraska does the Cornhuskers I haven’t polled it yet.”

Yeah, let’s see how those numbers look if the Huskers start losing. Remember that moment before halftime of the last game, when the crowd started booing and Bo sorta waved them off. As long as he’s winning, we love Bo. But if he loses, well, it’s a tenuous relationship.

Other nuggets of note:

• 65 percent of those polled supported the move to the Big 10.

• The Chicago Cubs are Nebraskans’ favorite major league baseball team, edging out the Kansas City Royals, 20 percent to 17 percent. (My Minnesota Twins are only loved by 4 percent.)

• Nebraskans’ favorite NFL team? Green Bay Packers, at 17 percent.


And you thought our roundabouts were confusing…

Check out this roundabout in York, England. Councilman Jon Camp was in England a few days ago and snapped this photo of the roundabout, which his friends billed as “the world’s smallest roundabout.”

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“I was fascinated and watched traffic for nearly an hour to see how different types of vehicles negotiated the roundabout,” Camp said. And even though the British roundabouts are often cited by the more well-traveled, cosmopolitan among us when arguing in favor of more roundabouts in America, Camp said some Brits even disparage the curlicue-like roads as being unsafe. Camp, by the way, is neutral on the 14th and Superior roundabout.

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