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October 14, 2011


And you thought our roundabouts were confusing…

by Deena Winter

Check out this roundabout in York, England. Councilman Jon Camp was in England a few days ago and snapped this photo of the roundabout, which his friends billed as “the world’s smallest roundabout.”

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“I was fascinated and watched traffic for nearly an hour to see how different types of vehicles negotiated the roundabout,” Camp said. And even though the British roundabouts are often cited by the more well-traveled, cosmopolitan among us when arguing in favor of more roundabouts in America, Camp said some Brits even disparage the curlicue-like roads as being unsafe. Camp, by the way, is neutral on the 14th and Superior roundabout.

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  1. Flake
    Oct 14 2011

    I have never thought our roundabouts are confusing. But then again, I can not only spell ” yield”, I can use it in a sentence.

    • Oct 14 2011

      However, you aren’t so good at placing your commas in the correct place. Just sayin.

  2. Jane H Kinsey
    Oct 14 2011

    I have driven on these in England and, when they are multilane and you don’t know where you are going, you can get stuck in them when there is a lot of traffic. City hall is just trying to justify with all their statistics what they want not what the public wants. As I remember the first one in Lincoln was implemented and touted by an Indian gentleman, city employee, who thought Lincoln should have them because he had experiences with them in other countries.
    If people are sheep, they will be led wherever the head sheep wants.

  3. Jeff Poley
    Oct 14 2011


    You know what I miss…it’s the hitch’n posts. If we got rid of these gol-durn automobiles and returned to the horse and buggy like God intended we wouldn’t have to put up with these new-fangled infernal roundy-bouts. As we all know, most of us in here Lincoln are too stupid to learn how to use them things anyway.


    • JoAnn
      Oct 14 2011

      No Jeff, we’re not stupid, we’re just wondering — we just had one of the largest tax increases in Lincoln’s history but now they have 11 million dollars to build an unneeded round about. No Jeff, we’re not stupid — we just want to know why a round about and where did they dig up 11 million dollars they didn’t have one month ago, when they were wanting to close fire stations, libraries, etc.

      • ej
        Oct 17 2011

        It’s called a budget and a plan. Projects like this are planned and incorporated into budgets years in advance. Now you know.

        Why a roundabout? That’s been answered umpteen times — safer, lower cost, more efficient ring a bell? Why do you all continue to make like you don’t understand?

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