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Wisconsin fans asked to clean up their potty-mouths

The University of Wisconsin athletic director and football coach sent a letter to students this week asking that they clean up their filthy mouths and stop with the “vulgar chants.”

UW students are notorious for chants that include colorful words that begin with F and S. The AD and coach said they’ve received letters from fans who are not impressed — particularly those who bring children to the games.

Here’s a sample: β€œThe vulgar profanity the students chant back and forth to one another for amusement inside the stadium during the game is simply pathetic. I expected much more from the Wisconsin program.”

The AD and coach wrote asked students to be a little more creative. “We believe you want to represent yourselves, your university and the football program in a classier manner than this. We believe you can have a great time at Camp Randall without chanting four-letter words.

We tell our student-athletes all the time that the way they behave in public is a reflection on themselves, their families, the football program and the university. We are asking you to reflect on the impression you are leaving on other fans.

The letter did give the kids credit for the tradition of singing charming songs like this:

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