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October 18, 2011


Fischer expresses support for Keystone Pipeline

by Deena Winter

State Sen. Deb Fischer — a Republican contender for the U.S. Senate — expressed support for TransCanada’s controversial oil pipeline during a televised meeting with local officials in North Platte.

Fischer said during the meeting that she would tell people concerned about the pipeline running through the sandhills, “We build roads in the sandhills… they recover. It’s how you manage it.”

A campaign spokesman told me today Fischer supports building the Keystone XL pipeline, but hasn’t committed to the currently proposed route that goes over the Ogallala Aquifer.

Later today, Sen. Fischer released the following statement on the pipeline:

As I have stated consistently over the past three years, I share many of the concerns expressed by Nebraskans across the state regarding the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. For that reason I have worked with constituents and landowners to find answers to their questions.

At this point I have received Senator Dubas’s proposed legislation and am thoroughly reviewing that bill. I have received additional communication from Senator Dubas that she is also researching questions about her proposed bill.

Today, TransCanada sent a letter to Speaker Mike Flood that offers additional safety measures for the currently proposed route. I will thoroughly review that proposal before making further comment.

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  1. Dave Fall
    Oct 18 2011

    Another kook ball Republican candidate? I used to vote for Republicans with brains but my gosh I am exhausted with them this year.

    • Publius
      Oct 18 2011

      Why is that so many think it’s okay to demean someone on a topic? If you disagree with someone, please say why besides you think they’re a “kook ball”. I disagree with Sen. Deb Fischer on this one. Comparing building a road to a pipeline carrying oil is not “apples to apples”. There are more questions that need to be answered here like: eminent domain, state’s rights vs federal, if this pipeline actually goes through will it mean a real difference at the pump for Americans, real job creation. So far, none of these issues have been thoroughly addressed to my satisfaction.

      • Buzz
        Oct 18 2011

        Publius: You need to read the study done by Cornell University. It answers a lot of questions as to their actual spending, jobs, fuel prices, etc. I found it very interesting, hopefully, you will to. It is listed as Global Labor Institute. Buzz

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