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Breaking news: Heineman calls special session to deal with Keystone pipeline

Gov. Dave Heineman has called for a special legislative session — beginning Nov. 1 — to deal with the Keystone XL Pipeline, which a Canadian company wants to build from Canada to the Gulf Coast.


Somebody polling on Keystone pipeline

Somebody polled Nebraskans over the weekend to try to gauge the best strategies for influencing public opinion of the Keystone XL pipeline that a Canadian company wants to build from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

The pollster asked:

• Whether you’re registered to vote.

• Whether things in the U.S. are going in the right direction.

• Whether things in Nebraska are going in the right direction.

• What kind of feeling people have toward TransCanada, oil companies, environmental organizations, Hillary Clinton, Ben Nelson, President Barack Obama, Keystone XL Pipeline, pollution, the price of oil and food, the quality of public education, the economy and unemployment and access to affordable health care.

• Whether people support business interests, environmental concerns, economic growth and whether Ben Nelson has performed well enough to be re-elected or whether it’s time for a change.

• How much people have heard about the TransCanada pipeline, whether people favor or oppose the pipeline and how interested people are in the pipeline issue.

• Which arguments are most convincing for and against the pipeline.

I could not tell you who is doing the polling — whether it’s Bold Nebraska, TransCanada or a politician eyeing Nelson’s seat. If you have some insight, let me know.


State senator rents land to TransCanada while negotiating

Sen. Annette Dubas

State Sen. Annette Dubas is one of four senators meeting today with the Canadian oil company that wants to build the Keystone XL pipeline through Nebraska.

She also has a conflict of interest — the Fullerton senator’s family rents and owns land that TransCanada would be building a pipeline on. Dubas disclosed this conflict of interest to the state Accountabiity & Disclosure Commission in February 2010, but said she still intended to participate in discussions about the pipeline because it’s an important issue in her district.

Dubas and three other senators are meeting with the oil company today to discuss concerns about the pipeline path — and some lawmakers want to hold a special legislative session about the pipeline, which has faced significant opposition in Nebraska.

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