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  1. Judy Smith
    Feb 13 2011

    You go, girl. You will have a lot of support.

  2. Charles
    Mar 6 2011

    Deena, Need your opinion on this matter. Farm prices and the farm economy have been as good as ever the past 2 years. And NE touts itself as an ag state. So how come are we in such a dire condition with respect to the state budget??? Why aren’t we generating the tax dollars that should be reflected from such a strong farm economy? Are there too many exemptions? Help me understand????

  3. Vindaloo McDopolis
    Mar 9 2011

    Hi Deena,

    I saw an advertisement for your blog in a brochure touting local Lincoln businesses. I enjoy your style of writing and find the topics very interesting. I plan to be a regular visitor. Thank you for sharing your talent and interests with so many people!


    Vindaloo M.

  4. I am
    Apr 4 2011

    City of Lincoln has entered into a marketing agreement with Active Network. The firm will help the City develop marketing agreements with private sector businesses that we hope will generate funding for the City budget. How much does this city pays for this agreement?

    • Apr 8 2011

      Sorry just found out: $50,000 up front to set it up plus 14% commission

  5. Neil
    Apr 21 2011

    If I want to really know what goes on in this town I go to your website. Keep up the good work!

  6. Al Micek
    May 11 2011

    When are you going to do something on Harvey Perlman who is clearly over his head. UNL loses research accreditation and he says its “no big deal” why isn’t it, and why is Kansas doing everything it can to remain in the group? Also, why the hell does he get $25 million from us for the research park when he claims folks are flocking to the place? It stinks! Enjoy your site as I always enjoyed your reporting in the LJS……Al

  7. Norlyn Raisch
    Jun 24 2011

    Deena, I just saw your piece on sustainability and read with interest your comment about your mom being a conservative and still living a “greener” lifestyle than many self-professed liberals. Certainly there is some middle ground. The difference is, your mom taught you to do these things because they are the right thing to do. I bet she isn’t out promoting laws that would force everyone else to live according her beliefs, though, is she?

  8. Kevin Rickey
    Nov 3 2016

    Deena I really appreciate your article. It speaks for so many of us. I’ve stopped posting anything about the election after Bernie was out. It’s so hard to wrap my head around the “follower culture” as I call it. One observation I’ve made where I live is that people are over worked and stressed and don’t have energy to do research. All the best, Kevin Rickey, Northern CA


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