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GOP state chairman removes Nelson bullseye from his blog

The chairman of the Nebraska Republican Party removed a Ben Nelson bullseye from his blog this week after left-wing website Bold Nebraska chastised him for having what has quickly become considered incendiary art.
Mark Fahleson, a Lincoln lawyer, gave in to Democrats’ complaints — begrudgingly. In an email to Politico, he said he removed it after gripes from Nelson supporters who are “attempting to use Saturday’s tragic events for political purposes.”
“So that we can move on from this insanity, the image was removed,” he huffed. “My resolve to boot Ben Nelson from office in 2012 remains, however.”
So there!
Perhaps the irony is that every time somebody writes about this, they publish another copy of the bullseye:

Jane Kleeb at Bold Nebraska chided Fahleson into taking the bullseye down in this post.
“Just like Sarah Palin’s poor taste in her graphic targeting of several Democratic seats with cross hairs, Mr. Fahleson clearly decided it would be okay to put a picture of Senator Nelson right in the middle of a gun target,” Kleeb wrote. “I can just hear Mr. Fahleson and several others on Twitter or on Leavenworth Street accusing me of politicizing the tragedy.”
To which the Leavenworth Street blogger promptly responded with: “Well Jane, let us help you out. We don’t want you to just hear it, we want you to read it. You are politicizing the tragedy.”
You’d think after the events of the past week, all of these people would be redoubling their efforts to knock off the partisan, divisive bickering. But no. They step it up, acting like children on a playground.
I prefer John Stewart’s take on the whole deal. (See my next post.)

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