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Arena contractor to have “pre-submission” meeting Monday

The general contractor building Lincoln’s arena has scheduled a second “pre-submission” meeting Monday — after some complained that the one held Tuesday was not appropriately advertised.

The meeting is to inform potential subcontractors of the qualification process that will be used to select subs for everything from plumbing to electrical work to concrete work in the 460,000-square-foot arena.

Mortenson Construction of Minneapolis is holding a second meeting Monday at the Cornhusker Marriott at 4 p.m. Mortenson says it will select contractors based on their qualifications and proposals.

Interestingly, the Tuesday meeting was not advertised anywhere in advance other than in the sports section of the Journal Star and in an obscure part of the Haymarket Now website. In addition, the qualification documents will be “privately opened,” according to the website where the RFP is listed.

Remember, Mortenson is in charge of soliciting bids — bypassing the city’s usual eBid process, which caused a stir a couple of months ago — so I guess we can expect things won’t go the usual, transparent way we’re accustomed to.

Currently, Mortenson is looking to hire contractors to do:

• Concrete Structure: All cast in place concrete systems including formwork, rebar, pumping, embeds, placement and finishing. Scope also includes all concrete masonry unit construction.
• Structural Precast Concrete Stadia: All precast concrete systems for the bowl seating including erection and caulking.
• Structural Steel: All structural steel detailing, fabrication, and erection.
• Metal Wall Panels: All metal wall panels that form the envelope and exterior features of the building.
• Exterior Glass Curtainwall: All curtainwall and glazing for the building envelope.
• Elevators & Escalators: All vertical transportation systems for the public,service personnel, and freight.
• Plumbing and Mechanical Systems: All plumbing, HVAC, sheetmetal, mechanical equipment, and Building Automation Systems.
• Electrical Systems: All power, lighting, lighting controls, fire alarm, and lightning protection systems. This scope also includes all cable tray, raceways, conduit, and coordination for low voltage systems outside of low voltage/teledata rooms.
• Low Voltage Systems: All cabling, terminations, equipment, programming and commissioning for sound, broadcast, CATV distribution, telephone/data, and surveillance/access control. This scope also includes all conduits, raceways, and cable management inside of low voltage/tele-data rooms.
• Coordinate cable tray and raceway routes outside of low voltage/tele-data rooms with electrical contractor.

Proposals are due by May 20 and can be sent to John Hinshaw, Senior Project Manager, at the office of Hampton Enterprises, 3701 Union Drive, Suite 100, Lincoln, Neb. 68516 and via email to

For more information, check out the “request for qualifications” addendum 1 on the bottom of this web page. Or contact: John Hinshaw at or (502) 377-4194.


Now, back to the arena project…

OK the election’s over, now we can get back to keeping tabs on that pile of dirt west of the Haymarket, which will eventually transform into a big, shiny Arena!

Interesting stuff on the horizon: During the Joint Public Agency’s meeting Thursday, the three-member arena overseers will:

• Authorize closing on the city’s $44 million purchase of Burlington Northern Santa Fe land and relocation of the railroad tracks to make way for the arena.

• Authorize a $5.6 million contract with Judds Construction to prepare the site for construction of the arena.

• Amend its engineering contract with Olsson Associates, adding $1.8 million for additional work, including work on the 10th Street and Salt Creek Roadway improvement project; design work on M and N streets, final design for those “dynamic message signs” that will point drivers toward the arena; preliminary design for a parking garage; and traffic analysis and conceptual design work to make improvements to the intersections of First and Cornhusker streets and Sun Valley and West O Street. Those last two are the street projects I recently wrote about with regard to rumors that the project is going over budget. More on that later.

• Establish a budget so the JPA can begin essentially paying the city public works department’s engineering department for performing work. How much will the city be reimbursed for their work? $1.25 million.

• Consider a $14,500 change order to TCW Construction for the 10th Street and Salt Creek Road project, bumping the total price tag to about $2.8 million.

If you’re interested in attending, the meeting is at 3:30 p.m. in city hall, 555 S. 10th St.

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