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Hollenbeck Farms plans first permanent store

Hollenbeck Farms — a meat-seller that is popular at the Farmers’ Market — plans to open a permanent, retail store, most likely across from SouthPointe Pavilions.
Hollenbeck’s cattle are bred, fed and raised on an Elmwood family farm that dates to 1901. They do not use growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics and their cattle free-range graze on pastures. They also sell lamb and pork.
I was in Hollenbeck’s holiday store in SouthPointe Pavilions the other day (formerly a Journeys shoe store) and they’ve renovated it beautifully into an upscale, black and silver-themed store.
But Marcy Hollenbeck said that is not going to be their permanent home. She said they’re looking to open a permanent place across the street from SouthPointe and they plan to also sell burgers there.
Judging by the nice job they’ve done with just a temporary home, I can’t wait to see the permanent one. What a homegrown success story — it’s great to see a local family take their business to the next level.

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