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Five Willows fitness center shuttered

People heading to Five Willows got a shock Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning: A sign on the door said the fitness center closed as of 2 p.m. Tuesday.
The phone just rang unanswered and the web site has been disabled.
No explanation was given, although attendance at the huge, modern fitness center seemed a bit anemic. I had been doing a 15-day trial membership, and noticed the cafe/bar and spa didn’t seem to be doing much business. And when I recently stopped by the salon to see if I could squeeze in an appointment, the woman at the front desk had her head on the desk, literally napping.
The Jazzercise classes — held by a separate group renting from Five Willows — were much better attended, with a huge workout room often filled to capacity with jazzercisers. Meanwhile, nearby fitness and pilates and yoga classes often attracted just a handful of people.

The note on the door said Jazzercise classes will continue. (Enter through the west doors.)
Here’s hoping someone takes over the place — I like the idea of a women’s fitness center, and this is a very nice one. Perhaps its central location (at 48th and Pioneers) was a weakness — but not everything has to be built in south Lincoln to succeed, does it?

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