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City to try to get more cabs at closing time

City Councilman John Spatz said the city is working on ways to get more taxi cabs downtown around bar closing time (that’s 2 a.m., old folks).
Spatz said city officials often get complaints about the lack of cabs when the bars close, but it’s difficult for a cab company to hire enough people to meet the demand for just a few hours.
So the council’s liquor subcommittee is working on a way to provide more rides.
“There are solutions from other cities,” Spatz said, and the liquor committee will be unveiling those ideas in the coming months, with public hearings likely in February or March.


A mayoral candidate emerges

Looks like there will be a Republican running against Mayor Chris Beutler after all.
“We have somebody running,” the executive director of the county GOP, Joe Murray, told me today. “An incredible candidate.”
He said the candidate is a business person not commonly associated with politics. The Journal Star is reporting today that it may be Tammy Buffington, a Tea Partier, and that some are talking about former Councilwoman Robin Eschliman as a possibility. (I’m surprised the LJS reported Buffington without attributing that to anyone; they seem to be getting more lax about using unnamed sources. Which is fine by me, I just wish they would have let me do that when I worked there!)
Whoever it is, they’ve got their work cut out for them since they’re getting a late start.
Expect an announcement soon.
On the City Council front,

Lincoln City Council

Councilman Jon Camp has decided not to run for mayor, but instead to seek re-election to his council seat representing southeast Lincoln. (Yes, I was wrong! I thought he’d do it this time!)
Doug Emery is leaning toward running for re-election to his seat representing northeast Lincoln, and I’m told he will be challenged by newcomer Melissa Hilty, a Gering native and UNL grad who has worked as a legislative aide and committee clerk.
Councilman John Spatz (northwest Lincoln) and Councilman Jonathan Cook (southwest Lincoln) have not yet announced their re-election plans — although I expect both will run again.

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