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Another candidate for airport authority jumps in — via Facebook

Travis Moore, a 24-year-old legislative administrative assistant, announced today he is running for the Lincoln Airport Authority.

That makes him the second airport authority to announce via Facebook, a hugely popular social networking website. Michael James also launched his campaign via Facebook earlier this month. Moore is a Republican from Riverdale who says he’s running “because the airport is essential to the economic vitality of Lincoln and enhances the city’s ability to stay competitive in job and tourism markets.”

He cited a study last year that said the Lincoln airport is losing about 900,000 potential passengers a year, mostly to Omaha’s Eppley Airfield, due to scarce flights and high fares.

“I would like to explore the possibilities of increasing the cities that the Lincoln airport provides service to,” he said on his Facebook page. “We should also open dialogue with other airline providers to create a more competitive market.For Lincoln to entice businesses to our city, we must offer access to nationwide transportation that’s fast and affordable.”


Candidate launches his campaign online

I got an email from a reader named Michael James, who told me he’s running for the Lincoln Airport Authority, and that I can learn more about him by checking out his website.

Michael James, candidate for the Lincoln Airport Authority.

Turns out, he’s a fellow wordpresser! In other words, he uses the same blog machine that I use to create this blog.

On his website, he wrote a Q&A (that’s what journalists call a “question-and-answer” interview on himself, asking himself why he’s running, whether he supports “essential air service” and even admitting he won’t be crushed if he loses, because that would mean someone better than him won. Although let’s be honest, the best man does not always win. In politics, usually the most recognized name wins.)

On his website, he even helpfully posted a mug shot (that’s journalese for a photo of the candidate from the neck up — sort of like they take of jail inmates except in ties and smiles).

It’s a brave new web world — might as well get used to it! (

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