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UNL study says feral cats should be killed — will UNL kill its colony?

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln study concluded the best way to deal with feral cat colonies is to kill the cats — as opposed to neutering and spaying and nurturing and coddling.
Cat lovers are not happy about the part that explains How to Kill a Cat.
Which begs the question: Will this change the way UNL itself deals with its very own well-known (and in some circles, loved) feral cat colony, which lives in sewers and on the grounds from the Lied Center and Love Library to the Health Center on city campus? UNL’s cat colony even has a volunteer support group: Husker Cats formed in 2008 to raise money to feed, control and “ensure a high quality of life” for the cats.
Meanwhile, over on the more agrarian East Campus, 22 undergrad students in the Wildlife Damage Management class helped write the recent report, which helpfully explains the best way to kill a feral cat: “Proper euthanasia involves a gunshot to the head, chemical injection or carbon dioxide asphyxiation.” If you choose the gunshot method, they advise you to shoot the cat right between the eyes and “angled down so the bullet travels toward the spinal column after passing through the brain.”
If that’s not possible, they say, “a shot through the heart/lung area is acceptable.” Also, they say to “use shotguns with No. 6 shot or larger, .22-caliber rifles, or air rifles capable of shooting 700 feet per second or faster.” (Read it yourself ec1781.)
I think that pretty well sums up the difference between East Campus and City Campus.

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